Singapore – Mar external trade
17/04/2018 12:26 pm MYT
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Year-on-year, total trade in Mar fell by 0.6% due to declines in both imports (0.3%) and exports (0.8%) – see figure 1. Non-oil domestic exports (NODX) decreased by 2.7% due to a decline in both the exports of electronic and non-electronic products – see table 1. Non-oil re-exports fell by 0.2%, year-on-year.

NODX to Singapore’s top 10 markets, except for China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia, rose in Mar, with the US (+32.6%), Japan (+21.6%) and the EU28 (+11.3%) as the largest contributors. Meanwhile, NODX to emerging markets plunged by 20.3%, mainly due to declines in the Caribbean (-42.2%), the Middle East (-37.6%), and Latin America (-23.0%).

Note from Publisher
Many factors contribute to the success or failure of a business. Some are within the control of the business operators, while others are not. Internal shortcomings such as inefficient production process, cost control, product quality, etc are easier to overcome compared with external factors like political uncertainties, natural disasters, and conflicts between the global powers. If the external factors are temporary, the impact will also be transitory. However, if a new trend is seen developing, followed by the creation of a totally new environment, a business that fails to see it and adapt accordingly is likely to struggle for survival.

The biggest challenge facing Malaysia now is her future political landscape and the ensuing economic policies. Globally, we are at the stage of seeing the rise of a new power and the decline of an existing power that refuses to accept her dwindling influences. These are challenging external factors that are hard to decipher and their impact are not temporary.

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