US – May Producer Price Index
14/06/2018 11:40 am MYT
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In May, the seasonally adjusted producer price index (PPI) for final demand rose by 0.5% from Apr – see table 1. Excluding foods, energy and trade prices, the core PPI increased by 0.1%. On a year-on-year basis, the headline PPI rose by 3.1%, its highest level since Jan 2012, while its core PPI rose by 2.6% – see figure 1.


Note from Publisher
Donald Trump and China hating gang are gathering all resources at their disposals to bash China. So far, Huawei has been the favourite target for Trump’s bullying despite falling to provide any proof for all the wrong doings his administration has accused Huawei of. China has often been accused of engaging in unfair competition because she provides all kinds of aid to her state-owned enterprises, which every country in the world is “guilty” of, including the US. Now, the whole world is seeing in real time how a Western hegemon is using all her might to oppress a private company from China.

The global citizens are now facing with a choice. To stand on the side of a country which shouts Buy America First and Hire American First and which would not tolerate any differences in opinion or to support a country which proposes to build a global community with a shared future for mankind and is all embracing. The choice is actually very obvious. What is required now is the courage to make the right choice. Make your voices heard.

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