China – Apr Retail Sales
15/05/2019 01:10 pm MYT
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Retail sales in Apr rose 7.2% from a year ago, down 1.5 percentage points from Mar – see figure 1. The moderation in retail sales was mainly due to fewer holidays in Apr this compared with Apr last year. Given a stable labour market, private consumption should remain as the main driver of economic growth in 2019.

Note from Publisher
“United we stand, divided we fall” is a phrase most often used to inspire unity. Recently, the 7th prime minister of Malaysia alluded to the phrase when he urged the Malays to unite by joining his political party. His calls have inevitably created a lot of controversy because he is the prime minister of the country, not of a single race and new Malaysia is supposed to be beyond race and religion.

Indeed, political divide and disunity within and among the different races of Malaysia have made the country weak. Instead of calling for unity within a single race, the country’s leaders should devote full energy and resources in fostering unity among all Malaysians. How can the country as a whole progress and move forward at full speed when the leaders are focused on fighting for the interests of their own clans ?

The leaders of Malaysia’s different political parties should encourage their followers to look beyond their parties and put the interest of the country first. In order to create a true Malaysian identity in the country, Malaysia’s political leaders of all races need to set the right example of rejecting negative politics and embracing a countrywide perspective.
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