China – Aug Auto Sales
12/09/2019 10:11 am MYT
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Total vehicle sales in Aug rose 8.0%, month-on-month, but fell 6.9%, year-on-year, to 1.96 mln units – see table 1. Passenger car sales rose 7.9%, month-on-month, but fell 7.7%, year-on-year. Commercial vehicle sales also rose 8.6%, month-on-month, but fell 2.8%, year-on-year – see figure 1. Although auto sales continued to fall, the rate of decline has moderated. A new method to calculate the car purchase tax took effect in Jul, which could provide tax savings for car buyers. At the same time, many places have implemented the China VI Emission Standard in Jul. In addition, the State Council has issued a plan which contains 20 measures to boost consumption in late Aug. As a result, auto sales should improve in the coming months.

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