Japan – Aug Current Account
08/10/2019 09:13 am MYT
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In Aug, Japan’s current account registered a surplus of 2.16 trillion Yen – see figure 1. In the goods account, lower exports were accompanied by even lower imports, resulting in a small surplus – see table 1. Given that a slowing global economy is accompanied by a weakening domestic economy, Japan’s current account surplus should remain stable.

Note from Publisher
Now we really know how important China is to the world. While we know that China has been the biggest contributor to world GDP growth since 2006, to most people that is just a cold fact. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed everything as people’s lives are being significantly affected even though it probably never cross their mind that something that happened so far away would have an impact on their lives. Not only have the tourism-related industries been severely affected, disruptions to the global supply chain have also affected the production of industrial products as well as consumer goods. The entertainment industry has also been hit hard as movies and concerts have had to be cancelled or rescheduled, as all forms of crowd gatherings have been discouraged. Companies have started to issue profit warnings and governments have announced stimulus measures to help the economies get through this difficult period. The 4Q 2019 GDP numbers for many countries were already weak. Economic conditions will be even bleaker for 1Q 2020.

For Malaysia, the initial panic about the virus has faded, but it has to face an even more challenging set of problems: political infighting and the country’s long-term economic development. Unfortunately, a positive outlook or solution on these crucial issues seems illusive.
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