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Performance as at 6 May 2022
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The performance for the period 31 Jan 2022 to 6 May 2022 is believed to be reliable but has not been independently verified. Past performance and any forecast are not necessarily indicative of future or likely performance

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Note from Publisher
The Thomas Cup is the world’s most prestigious men’s team badminton competition. In the tournament’s 73-year history, only 6 nations have taken home the gold. Malaysia and Indonesia dominated the game at first, winning the Cup 4 and 7 times respectively from its commencement in 1949 all the way until the 1970s. After China joined the competition in 1982, she became the game’s new force of nature. From the 1980s to the 2010s, the Thomas Cup was dominated by China and Indonesia, the two countries taking the crown 9 and 6 times respectively. It was only in recent years that Japan and Denmark joined the winner’s line-up.

India became the most recent champion of the Thomas Cup, beating the defending 14-time champion Indonesia 3-0 on 15 May. India’s achievement is certainly something to celebrate as a hallmark of the country’s tremendous capabilities, but it also serves as a painful reminder of Malaysia’s failure. Despite heavy government investment and the game’s popularity in the country, Malaysia has failed to win the Cup since 1992. Commonly cited reasons for our disappointing performance include a lack of determination, players’ inability to endure hardship and perform under pressure, and controversy-ridden management. The problems of Malaysia’s badminton team resemble those of the country.

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