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Malaysia – Sep Leading Index
25/11/2022 08:58 pm MYT
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Year-on-year, growth in the leading index fell from 4.1% in Aug to 0.3% in Sep. Despite recording a 6-month smoothed annualised growth rate of -1.3%, the leading index remains above 100.0 points, indicating the economy would maintain its growth momentum (figure 1). The decline in the leading index is mainly due to a fall in real money supply M1, Bursa Malaysia Industrial Index, real imports of semiconductors, the number of housing units approved, expected sales value of manufacturing and the number of new companies registered.

Year-on-year, the coincident index rose by 8.2% in Sep. Its 6-month smoothed growth rate has remained in positive territory since Sep 2021.

Note from Publisher
One month of 2023 has passed. The world economy has yet to show convincing signs that it will slow down sharply in 2023, as forecasted by many economists. Even the US economy, which is experiencing the most aggressive monetary tightening in three decades, is showing strong resilience, as evidenced by a firm labour market. The S&P 500 kicked off 2023 with a strong Jan. The benchmark index gained 6.4% in the month. China reported a strong rebound in economic activity in the first month of the year after ending her dynamic zero-Covid policy. The EU seems resilient so far. Well, we still have 11 months to go.

In Malaysia, her political drama continues to dominate as the people await major policy measures by the unity government to address the many daunting challenges facing the country. After the 2023 Chinese New Year, there has been a new round of price hikes for many food items. The clock is ticking for the new government to produce results. After all, crucial elections in 6 states are only a few months away.

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