Note from Publisher
The 13th Annual General Meeting of Bhd will be held on 9 Sep 2017. If you are a share owner, you are entitled to bring one guest to the AGM. The format of this year’s AGM will be different from that of the previous years. Apart from the unique presentations by Tan Teng Boo, there will be an extended question and answer session this year to allow for more interactions with the fund manager. See attached flyer for more information. Bhd is a closed-end fund listed on Bursa Malaysia. A closed-end fund is a type of collective investment scheme, but it has many benefits that are not available in other collective investment schemes such as a unit trust fund and an exchange traded fund. Notably, a closed-end fund allows the fund manager to apply real value investing and without his/her investment decisions being affected by the inflow and outflow of funds. More importantly, a listed closed-end fund allows an investor to practice value investing by buying at a discount to intrinsic value, a feature that does not exist in a unit trust fund and an exchange traded fund. In addition, it is cheaper and easier to invest in a closed end fund. Investors should take advantage of this unique investment scheme.

i Capital will not be published for the issue dated 31 Aug – 6 Sep, 2017. However, during this period, will be updated as usual and apart from the public holidays, our office operating hours will not be affected. Volume 29, number 4 of i Capital will hence be dated 7 Sep – 13 Sep, 2017.
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