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There is no denying that China today has become an economic superpower. Her huge and growing domestic demand is something that no businesses can afford to miss. With a US president who is anti-global trade, China’s standing in the global community is gaining more and more traction by the day. As a result, learning the Chinese language has become an increasingly popular investment.

While prince George and many of the future kings and queens in Europe are learning Chinese, the children of Jim Rogers, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and other leading businessmen in the US are also learning the language. Seeing the importance of knowing the Chinese language, learning Chinese is no longer restricted to the rich and famous. More and more schools in the UK are offering Chinese classes. In the US, nannies that know Chinese have become extremely popular. Judging from the prospect of a China Long Boom, it would not be surprising that the Chinese language will become the world’s leading language in the next century.

When that happens, it would be the first time that the proliferation of a language is carried out through voluntary learning instead of military conquest.
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