Dear Subscribers,
We refer to the above matter. As you may be aware, the Malaysian Government has decided to impose a Goods and Services Tax ("GST") pursuant to the Goods and Services Tax Act 2014 and the implementation of this form of tax shall come into effect on 1st April 2015.
Your subscription to the i Capital newsletter and shall be subject to the GST at the standard rate of 6% commencing from 1st April 2015.
Kindly take note that any renewals made on or after 1st April 2015 shall be subject to the imposition of such tax.
If your subscription is made under your company or for business purposes, you may be able to claim the GST charged as an input tax to your business. In such an instance, please take note that our GST Registration Number is 001662099456.
We also appeal to you, as our valued subscribers to bear with us as there are many unanswered questions about the implementation and scope of GST. We anticipate some level of confusion amongst the public and the business community as it is implemented come 1st April 2015. We hope that you will bear with us should there be any changes and revisions, especially with regards to additional charges pertaining to change of delivery methods, amongst others.
If you have any further enquiries regarding your account, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03 - 2070 2104 / 2105.
Best wishes.
Tan Teng Boo
Managing Director
Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd