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At the end of the 27th ASEAN Summit, leaders from the 10 ASEAN countries signed the 2015 Kuala Lumpur Declaration on the Establishment of the ASEAN Community, which will see the ASEAN Community formed on 31 Dec 2015. Despite the significance of the declaration, few know what the Community is all about.

Most people would assume the ASEAN Community to be similar with the European Union, with the elimination of tariffs, removal of non-tariff measures, open sky policy, etc. Well, it is excusable to be oblivious about the ASEAN Community because it is still work-in-progress. According to its Road Map, the ASEAN Community will be based on 3 blueprints – economic, political-security, and social-cultural. Hence, the AC will lead to a full integration of ASEAN in all aspects, though a lot of work still needs to be done before the vision and objectives of the ASEAN Community can be realised.

Indeed, the potential of ASEAN has been severely under exploited. The region has a huge population, is endowed with rich resources, strategically located at the major trade routes of the world, and is economically vibrant. ASEAN will definitely be stronger as a community, politically and economically rather than being 10 individual nations.

Together with the benefits of the ASEAN Community, there will be daunting challenges arising from increased competition. Malaysia must start preparing herself now so that she can reap the maximum benefits of the Community rather than being a pathetic victim of integration.
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