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As at 15 Jul 2015, Malaysia’s international reserves have dropped to RM379.4 bln or US$100.5 bln, the lowest level since Oct 2010. Given the latest developments in Malaysia’s political situation and the weak export performance, the Ringgit could come under further pressure. How far can Bank Negara support the Ringgit and what can investors do to preserve their Ringgit wealth ? If you want to know what Capital Dynamics thinks about the direction of the Ringgit and what your responses should be, come to the 2015 Investor Day. This and other pertinent issues will be discussed by Tan Teng Boo and his team on 20 Sep 2015. Visit Capital for updates.
% Return
(End Dec 2000 to Oct 2010)
KLSE CI -0.78
EMAS Index -
Section D2 0.00
Compound Return (% Per Annum)
(Dec 2000 to Oct 2010)
Section D2 15.95
KLCI 7.50
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