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Inflation is the most serious problem facing the global economy at the moment, forcing central banks all over to raise interest rates. Although the Ukrainian Crisis played a crucial role in aggravating rising price pressure, the main culprit is in fact the aggressive monetary easing and massive fiscal stimuli undertaken to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. With an inflation rate of around 2%, China is a stark exception to the mounting inflation problem because she did not open her fiscal and monetary spigots in response to the pandemic. In addition, China has abided by a comprehensive strategy to ensure price stability all along, which includes self-sufficiency in food supply, stockpiles of key commodities, as well as persistent efforts to improve the country’s supply network of goods and services.

Said approach serves as a good model for Malaysia’s policymakers to follow. Instead of introducing piecemeal measures, such as banning the exports of chicken (which might at most temporarily bring down chicken prices), Malaysia needs a well thought-out long-term programme to effectively address the country’s inflation problem. Inflation directly affects the livelihoods of the ordinary people, who go onto vote politicians into office. Failing to curb it as needed is political suicide.

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