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On Saturday, 9 May, i Capital will conduct a 1-day seminar on how to make use of economic indicators, conduct financial ratio analysis, and deploy technical analysis. This unique seminar, held at KLCC, will be conducted by Tan Teng Boo. In this integrated 3 in 1 seminar, he will explain in detail the 3 essential tools of investing and trading and share with participants his rich 42 years of investing and trading experience. Actual case studies will be used extensively to explain the various concepts and techniques. Subscribers of i Capital or will enjoy special discounted rates. Approval for 10 CPE points (SIDC) is pending. Do not miss this highly educational event.
% Return
(End Dec 2000 to Oct 2010)
KLSE CI 4.72
EMAS Index -
Section D2 0.00
Compound Return (% Per Annum)
(Dec 2000 to Oct 2010)
Section D2 16.02
KLCI 7.50
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However, will be updated as usual during the non-publication weeks.

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