Note from Publisher
In Seremban, an Islamic religious primary school has done something unprecedented in Malaysia. Set as a compulsory subject, students in the private religious school are required to learn the Chinese language. The school collaborates with the Kong Zi Institute University of Malaya, whereby the latter sent a teacher from Xian, China to teach the Chinese language in the school. In addition, teachers can also learn the Chinese language through separate classes organized by the school.

There are two main reasons why this pioneering religious primary school took this unprecedented step. First, the school recognises the rise of China and as a result the importance of equipping its students with the Chinese language. Secondly, Malaysia is a multi-racial society, it is important for the various races to learn each other’s language and culture in order to foster respect and understanding. Only then, the various races can live together in peace and harmony.

We salute the foresightedness and open-mindedness of the religious primary school. All Malaysians, especially the politicians should learn from this small but wise religious primary school.
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