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The 2016 Investor Day of Berhad is just two months away! This most anticipated event of the year will be held on 24 and 25 Sep 2016 (Saturday and Sunday) at the KLCC, the same venue for the past 5 Investor Days. For those who have never participated in this highly informative and interesting event, please visit to view the exciting photos and videos of the past Investor Days. The microsite will release more information about the 2016 Investor Day in the coming two months. Please check the site regularly for timely updates.

In order for more people to know about the Investor Day of Bhd and benefit from the many educational talks held, we have sent out an email this week asking you to help tell your friends and families about the 2016 Investor Day through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. All you need to do is share/retweet/repost the picture in the email to your friends and families. To thank those who help to tell the world about this uniquely innovative event, we have prepared exciting prices for 10 lucky winners who will be randomly chosen by 6 Aug 2016.

Spend a productive weekend with us on 24 and 25 Sep, you, your friends, colleagues and families could well pick up important knowledge/idea/lesson on life and investing. So, share and spread this good news to as many people as possible.
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