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As we enter the final month of the year, it is time to look forward to 2017. The performance of the KL Composite Index in 2017 is expected to be downbeat. The more exciting part in 2017 will happen in the political arena. As 2017 could see Malaysia holding her 14th general election, politics is likely to remain as the main talking point in 2017.

Although Malaysia does not have to hold a general election until 2018, there are increasing signs that the government could bring forward the election date to 2017, given the positive performance of the ruling coalition in the recent by-elections and the fact that the opposition coalition is in disarray. While the tailwind is behind the ruling coalition, the rise of the silent voters who delivered Brexit and gave a billionaire property developer the US presidency is casting a certain degree of uncertainty over Malaysia’s coming election results. The rising discontent among the low and middle income groups in the urban areas over the rising cost of living and their dwindling purchasing power pose the most serious threat to the ruling coalition.

As i Capital said last week, for Malaysia and the KLSE, 2017 promises to be a decisive year, from all angles. The results of the next general election will definitely shape Malaysia’s political landscape and by extension Malaysia’s economic outlook for a long time to come.
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