Note from Publisher
Although i Capital is an investment publication, its contents are not confined to economic and investment issues. It writes a lot on geopolitical, philosophical, ideological, cultural, socio-economic, and historical issues. This is because the performance of an economy and financial market are very much affected by these issues. A serious investor cannot be ignorant about them.

For example, since Trump Donald became the president of the US, the global financial markets have turned topsy-turvy as a result of the uncertainties caused by Trump’s unpredictable behaviour and policies. It is clear that his anti-China, anti-free trade policies are detrimental to the US economy. Many of his policies are not necessarily economics driven rather they have great hidden political motives.

Similarly, after the 2018 General Election, Malaysia’s political landscape has changed dramatically. Political parties that have existed for decades suddenly found themselves at a critical crossroads, unsure of which direction to take. As Tan Teng Boo has said time and again, Malaysia’s confusing and fluid political conditions will last for a while. This will be reflected in the performance of Malaysia’s economy and her financial market.
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