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Historically, investment in equities provides a higher return than assets like bonds, bills, and gold. However, without a sound investment framework, equity investment can be a painful experience. How does one benefit from the superior return provided by the stock market ? The primary objective of the annual Investor Day is to educate the general investing public on how to invest soundly in the stock market. When the market is made up by intelligent investors, not only the investing public will benefit, the entire economy will be healthier and more resilient. In order for Bhd to carry out its corporate social responsibility most effectively, admission to the Investor Day is free of charge. All will have equal opportunity to be equipped with the right skills.
% Return
(End Dec 2000 to Oct 2010)
KLSE CI -0.78
EMAS Index -
Section D2 0.00
Compound Return (% Per Annum)
(Dec 2000 to Oct 2010)
Section D2 15.95
KLCI 7.50
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