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The 2016 Investor Day of Bhd was held on 24 and 25 Sep at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. The attendance for both days was more than 3,300. Although this is a large number, it was intended for the crowd size to be smaller this year so that better crowd control can be achieved. In the past years, there were many complaints covering a wide range of issues, from about long and messy registrations, the halls were too packed to enter, and so on. As a result, a small fee of RM68 was levied for Day 2. This year, all the participants were able to enjoy a better atmosphere as everyone got to sit down comfortably and listen to the talks. The participants this year were more serious as reflected in the types of questions asked during the Q &A sessions after each talk and the attentiveness of participants even after a long day of solid investment presentations. Then, as an organiser, we received a lot less complaints about why there was no free breakfast, lunch, car park or drinks even though the past Investor Days were already a free event!

Many who have listened to the highly informative talks in Day 2 of Investor Day have requested for a copy of the presentation slides. We understand that there are a lot to digest in one day as plenty of efforts have been put into preparing the presentation slides. In response to the request, we have decided to publish most of the Day 2 presentations in i Capital and This is more beneficial than providing the power point slides which contain mainly charts and little explanations.

While we have gotten feedback through survey forms handed out during the event, if there are other comments that you would like to make about the 2016 Investor Day, please continue sending them to us.
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