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10 years ago, Capital Dynamics organised a seminar titled “The i Capital Long Boom & Its Untold Opportunities”. The materials presented in the seminar were original and mind opening. Although the Computer and Internet Revolutions were just at the beginning stage and China was just 6 years into the WTO, Tan Teng Boo was already able to see the great opportunities the Computer and Internet Revolutions and the rise of China will bring. 10 years later, all the postulations presented in the “The i Capital Long Boom & Its Untold Opportunities” seminar have come true.

On 4 Nov, 2017, Capital Dynamics again will bring you another original, farsighted and mind opening investment conference. Certainly the notion of being able to live healthily for a few hundred years is not something that can be easily accepted by most people. But, there is a high possibility that it can happen within our life span. Thus, it is imperative that one finds out about this from the leading scientist on anti-aging, who will give his very first talk on this topic in Malaysia. Other exciting talks scheduled on 4 Nov include how one can benefit from China’s long boom that is only just starting to unfold.

There are many more exciting and highly beneficial talks scheduled in the 2-day 2017 Global Investor Week at a very affordable price of RM280. Please register at immediately. There are also pre-event Roadshows for those who want a preview of the 2017 Global Investor Week. Attendance for the Roadshows is free of charge.
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