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Where to download the new i Capital mobile application (iCapital App) ?

The iCapital App is available for download on Google Play (for Android user), App Store (for iOS user), and Huawei AppGallery (for Huawei user).

1. How is iCapital App different from the old mobile application, i-Capital App ?

iCapital App offers the same unique features of at the tip of your fingers, literally. In iCapital App, we aim to address the issues encountered with performance and stability within the old application as well as to introduce brand new features that will enhance your overall user experience. This Guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on the new enhancements and features available. In summary, the new i Capital mobile application comes with the following enhancements and new features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Stay logged-in until you manually log out from the application
  • Offline reading of downloaded articles
  • Bookmarking articles
  • Enhanced layout for Portfolios
  • Optimised article layout

2. How to log into iCapital App?

The subscribers of i Capital Print or Digital can access iCapital App for free using the same set of login credential for

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Note from Publisher
i Capital will pause publication for two weeks during the coming Chinese New Year period. There will be no i Capital during the weeks starting 24 Jan and 31 Jan. However, will be updated as usual. Our office will be closed from 31 Jan to 2 Feb. Otherwise, its operating hours are as usual. Volume 33, number 23 of i Capital will hence be dated 10 Feb - 16 Feb 2022.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Tigers are majestic and powerful animals. They are often associated with courage and strength. Even though they are feared the world over for their agility and ferocity, tigers are caring and patient to the ones they love. Male adult tigers often let their female partner and cubs eat before they do, making sure that the weaker ones receive nourishment first. Tigers are incredibly patient hunters - moving slowly and quietly, they stalk their prey for 20-30 minutes before going in for the kill. For a more fruitful and blessed Year of the Tiger, human beings, especially those in positions of power, should look to tigers as inspiration when dealing with those who are less privileged. Investors too would benefit greatly from a tiger’s patience when making investments.
Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd and Capital Dynamics Asset Management Sdn Bhd, being capital market intermediaries licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia, are operating as usual in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures prescribed by the relevant authorities during Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan. We will continue to take precautionary measures to protect our employees, clients and other stakeholders. You may reach us at +603-2070 2104 or 2105 or 2106 or email us at (investment advisory) or (asset management) for any enquiries.
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