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Telephone scams are spreading very rapidly. Previously, it used to involve mainly personal mobile phones. Today, the scam calls have spread to office phones. In an environment where scams can crop up anytime and anywhere, it is understandable that people have become more alert and suspicious of new investment products that appear in the market.

Capital Dynamics operates in five countries across the Asia Pacific region. Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd, Capital Dynamics Asset Management Sdn Bhd, Capital Dynamics (Australia) Ltd, Capital Dynamics (S) Pte Ltd, and Capital Dynamics Asset Management (HK) Pte Ltd are licensed from the relevant authorities of the respective countries to carry out fund management and or investment advisory businesses. All the products and services offered by Capital Dynamics have obtained the necessary approvals from the respective regulatory authorities.

In addition to regulatory protection, clients of Capital Dynamics can receive further assurances from the corporate culture and values of Capital Dynamics. Many of the company’s policies and standard operating procedures are beyond the regulatory requirements to prevent any irregularities and to protect the interests of clients. Many a time, the right corporate culture serves as a more effective deterrent than strict rules and regulations.
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