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The programme of the 2017 International Investor Week will center on the themes of "International Investing" and "Longevity". Although the full programme is still being finalised, the contents are getting increasingly exciting by the day. Apart from the world renowned gerontologist Dr Aubrey de Grey who will share his work on anti-aging, another prominent scholar, Professor Daniel A. Bell has confirmed his attendance. Professor Bell is a political scientist and an expert in China’s political system, besides being a Confucian scholar. He will talk about how the Communist Party of China selects good leaders within a political meritocracy.

China is a very successful civilization, with over 5,000 years of recorded history. The Chinese civilization bestowed the world with many scientific and technological inventions, cultural wealth, and philosophical thoughts. One of the major factors that has sustained China’s long and illustrious civilisation is her successful political system which produces the right leaders who are able to guide and shape China’s economic development. Soon, the Chinese Communist Party will select its next generation of leaders to succeed Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang. China’s well-tested political system should produce another batch of leaders who will see China advance to the next exciting phase of development.

How can you benefit from China’s economic development in the many decades to come ? When you and your loved ones live to 150 years and more, are you prepared financially ? Come to the 2017 International Investor Week and re-examine all your critical assumptions about life and investing.
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