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Some politicians in Malaysia love to use racial and religious issues to gain political power. Disguised under the name of fighting for racial and religious rights and honour, these irresponsible and selfish politicians have the least concern that their actions will create trouble and tear Malaysia apart. Consequently, after more than 65 years of independence, instead of becoming more integrated, Malaysians of various races are growing further apart.

According to the Malaysia Racism Report 2022, Malaysia recorded 82 incidents of racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia, the highest since the first report was issued in 2015. Out of the eight categories, 56% is attributed to Racial and/or Religious Politics, followed by Racial and/or Religious Expressions of Prejudice, Provocation and/or Incitement 16%. While the sharp increase could be due to the 15th General Election, racial and/or religious politics has raked in the highest number of incidents in almost all years. This indicates increasingly tense racial relations in Malaysia. For the long-term prosperity of the country, the unity government needs to come down harder on those who constantly exploit racial and religious issues and put a stop to their toxic acts immediately. i Capital concurs with the Sultan of Johor’s admonition to those politicians “Instead of dividing the people by harping on race and religion, tell me what are your plans to bring harmony,” His Majesty said.

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