i Capital China Fund (ICCF)
About this section
The objective of Capital Dynamics is to seek long-term capital appreciation for all managed funds, while reducing the margin of error when investing.
The strategy is driven by an “Intelligently Eclectic” value investing philosophy with emphasis on the margin of safety created by stock selections based on divergences between market prices and the underlying intrinsic values of the companies.
This is achieved with a rigorous, innovative and well-defined value investing approach. Unlike conventional value investing, Capital Dynamics incorporates key macro-economic factors and takes into account the country that it is investing in. The objective is to obtain a sound investment framework that allows it to have a clear perspective of how economies, markets and sentiment interact and how this interaction influences its investments.
The i Capital China Fund is a fund constituted in the form of a unit trust under i Capital Master Fund, an umbrella unit trust established under the laws of Hong Kong.
The fund is managed by Capital Dynamics Asset Management (HK) Private Limited. The objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by primarily investing in equity securities issued by companies listed in Hong Kong, Shanghai and/or Shenzhen.
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