TO :
  • I am currently an Online subscriber, can I now change or renew to Print version?
    • You can upgrade to the Print version at the cost of RM99 (promotional package) or RM720 (the normal prevailing subscription rate, if you have already subscribed to the promotional package prior to this) for one (1) year. The unutilized balance from your Internet subscription will NOT be refunded and not convertible.
  • If I subscribe to the English version (whether the Print or Online version), can I read the Chinese version as well, or vice versa ?
    • No. One subscription entitles you to access to one language only. You have to subscribe to the Chinese version separately at normal prevailing subscription rate in order to read the Chinese version, or vice versa.
  • I subscribed to the Online version before your promotion. Do I get access to the ebook version ?
    • Yes, you have complimentary access to the eBook version for now but the access will end when the promotion ends or upon the expiry of your existing subscription, whichever is earlier. To enjoy uninterrupted access to the ebook version, simply renew your subscription at RM49 now!
  • I am an English subscriber, can I convert my subscription to the Mandarin version?
    • Yes. Please email us at and we will convert it for you
  • I am currently an English Online subscriber. My subscription will be ending only in 6 months time. Am I entitled to this promotion? If yes, should I click on "Renew" or "Add new subscription"?
    • Yes, you are entitled to this promotion. We have temporarily disabled the 6 month's renewal restriction. You can renew your subscription by clicking on "Renew". If you would like to subscribe to a different package, you will have to click on "Add new subscription".
  • I am an existing subscriber, can I renew my subscription at the promotional rate ? Will the subscription start today?
    • Yes, you can renew your subscription at RM99 (for Print + Online + eBook) or RM49 (for Online + eBook). It will start upon the expiry of your current subscription.
  • I am Print subscriber. Can I convert my subscription to the Online version ?
    • No. With the Print version, you get to enjoy the Internet and ebook version as well. You can change your subscription to the Online version upon the expiry of your current Print version.
  • When will I receive my first issue of i Capital newsletter?
    • The first issue will be delivered in a few weeks time once your subscription has been processed. In the meantime, you may enjoy the full content of i Capital by accessing the Online and ebook version at
  • When will i Capital be delivered every week / when do I receive i Capital every week ?
    • Depending on your location and selected delivery method.

      For Ordinary Mail :

      Klang Valley – delivery may take 2 to 3 working days

      Others within West Malaysia – delivery may take up to 1 week

      East Malaysia – delivery may take more than 1 week

      To receive your newsletter earlier (delivery within 1 or 2 days regardless of location), you may consider using a courier service (Nationwide / Pos Laju / Pos Ekspres). You will have to pay for the additional delivery charges.

  • What is the difference between Pos Laju, Pos Ekspres and Nationwide?
    • Pos Laju and Nationwide would require acknowledgement upon delivery of documents, whereas documents delivered by Pos Ekspres will be put into the mail box.

  • What other delivery methods are available to deliver the i Capital newsletter
    • Nationwide Express Courier Service (Only available in Malaysia & Singapore)
      Area Price
      KL/PJ/Shah Alam RM 4.13 per issue
      West Malaysia RM 5.51 per issue
      East Malaysia RM 9.65 per issue
      Singapore RM 7.80 per issue
      Brunei RM 37.40 per issue
      Labuan RM 8.58 per issue
      Poslaju (Only available in Malaysia & Singapore)
      Area Price
      KL/PJ RM 4.64 per issue
      West Malaysia RM 5.97 per issue
      Sarawak RM 8.61 per issue
      Sabah/Labuan RM 9.28 per issue
      Singapore RM 40.00 per issue
      Pos Ekspres (Only available in Malaysia)
      Area Price
      Malaysia RM 5.40 per issue

      Other delivery methods

      Air Mail
      Country Price
      Malaysia Free
      Singapore Free
      Brunei RM 4.75 per issue
      Thailand RM 4.75 per issue
      Australia RM 5.25 per issue
      Hong Kong RM 4.80 per issue
      China RM 4.80 per issue
      United Kingdom RM 7.00 per issue
      United States RM 9.50 per issue
      Other Countries Contact us for rates
      Registered Mail
      Country Price
      Malaysia RM 3.10 per issue
      Singapore RM 9.00 per issue
      Brunei RM 9.00 per issue
      FlexiPrepaid (Only available in Malaysia)
      Area Price
      Malaysia RM 3.60 per issue

  • Why are there only 46 issues for a 1-year subscription when there are 52 weeks per year?
    • We stop publishing for 6 festive / public holiday weeks.
  • Can I change my delivery address ? How to change it? What about billing address ?
    • Yes, you can change your delivery address by writing to us at

      To change your billing address

      1. Log on to
      2. Log into your account by keying in your username and password
      3. Click on the "Subscriber Profile"
      4. Change your billing address in the "Addresses" and click "Save"

      **Note : Delivery address is where newsletter will be delivered to. Billing address is where bill will be sent to (it can be the same as delivery address).

  • Can I get immediate access to the content if I subscribe to the RM99 or RM49 promo ?
    • Yes, upon successful payment and activation.
  • I still can't access the content of the newsletter on your website even though my payment was successful?
    • You need to activate your account. To activate, please click on the activation link sent to your registered email.
  • What is the eBook? Can I save or print it out?
    • The eBook is the digital version of i Capital newsletter. You are not allowed to save or print it out for our intellectual property.
  • I still can't login even though I have created an account successfully, why ?
    • You need to first activate your account. To activate, please click on the activation link has been sent to your registered email.

      If you have activated your account but the problem still persists, it could be due to the incompatibility of browser that you are using.

      • For Internet Explorer users, the minimum requirement is version 9 and above.
      • For Mozilla Firefox users, the minimum requirement should be version 22 and above.
      • For Google Chrome users, the minimum requirement should be version 23 and above.
      • For Safari users, the minimum requirement should be version 5.3 and above for Desktop, version 5 and above for Mobile.

  • For offline payment, how do I know whether my subscription is successful?
    • We will issue an official receipt to you via email once your payment is completed. If no email is provided, we will send the receipt to you by ordinary mail (normally only applicable to the Print subscription).
  • What areas do you deliver to?
    • The i Capital newsletter can be delivered to anywhere as long as we have a complete address. If you are from overseas and would like to receive your i Capital newsletter by courier, please contact us at or 03-20702104/5.
  • What do I do if I did not receive my i Capital?
    • Please contact us at or 03-20702104/5.
  • How do I change my delivery method?
    • Please contact us at or 03-20702104/5.