Singapore – Jan retail sales
12/03/2018 06:16 pm MYT
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Seasonally adjusted, total retail sales in Jan declined by 5.4%, month-on-month. Excluding motor vehicles, sales decreased by 1.5% – see table 1. Year-on-year, retail sales fell by 8.4%, with “department stores”, “supermarkets”, “food retailers”, “wearing apparel and footwear” and “watches and jewellery” having double-digit declines. This is mainly due to the Chinese New Year falling in Jan 2017 which led to higher sales. Excluding motor vehicles, retail sales dropped by 8.1% – see figure 1.

Note from Publisher
On 9 May 2018, Malaysia became close to becoming a more or less two-party democracy. There was the coalition of convenience, Pakatan Harapan, then, the old coalition Barisan Nasional and PAS. As 2018 comes to a close, this ideal political structure is being shredded apart. Barisan Nasional is now nearly a dinosaur. Its largest component party UMNO is also fast becoming No More, as more of its people leave for Bersatu, one of the component parties in the Ruling Coalition. At the rate the UMNO politicians are joining Bersatu, the latter will soon become UMNO Baru. What then will Pakatan Harapan be ? The soon to be defunct Barisan Nasional ? Malaysian voters must now be cursing and swearing and wondering what the 2018 general election was all about in the first place. Did they put in so much effort just to come one full circle ? And all the voting for nothing ?

The CEO of Capital Dynamics has warned that Malaysia faces a prolonged period of political uncertainties, probably lasting at least 2 election cycles before there is better clarity and stability. Post May 2018, there are many factions, none of which is strong enough to lead the country on its own. People say that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Tan Teng Boo said that when the common enemy disappears, the old enemies will appear as fast a cork would surface to the top. 2019 will be a very challenging year for Malaysian politics. Be warned - the nation will suffer.

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