Australia – 3Q 2018 GDP
05/12/2018 04:47 pm MYT
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In 3Q 2018, Australia’s GDP, in seasonally adjusted volume terms, rose by 0.3%, quarter-on-quarter, and 2.8%, year-on-year – see figure 1. On the expenditure side, the GDP growth was mainly driven by final consumption, which contributed 0.2 ppts to the growth. On the trade side, imports contributed 0.3 ppts to GDP growth – see table 1. Year-on-year, the terms of trade in 3Q 2018 improved by 2.7%. Meanwhile, the seasonally adjusted real net national disposable income increased by 2.9%.

Risks to global economic growth due to trade protectionism, especially from the US, have not eased. Furthermore, falling house prices may have a negative impact on household spending. i Capital forecasts Australia’s year-on-year GDP growth rate for 4Q 2018 to be in the range of 2.6 % - 3.5% and for the whole of 2018 to be in the range of 2.8% - 3.1%.

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