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19/09/2020 07:30 am MYT
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The performance for the period 2 Jan 2018 to 11 Sep 2020 is believed to be reliable but has not been independently verified. Past performance and any forecast are not necessarily indicative of future or likely performance.

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Note from Publisher
Last week was certainly nerve wrecking for many Malaysians. The possibility of a state of emergency being declared took Malaysians by utter surprise. Although many countries implemented such a measure in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many present-day Malaysians have never experienced one. Until recently, Malaysia had mostly been politically stable and largely unscathed by any serious natural disaster, due to her favourable geographical location and climatic condition. Therefore, for a state of emergency to be declared, the situation must have been really serious. Right?

Well, Malaysia’s King certainly did not think so and rejected the government’s request for one. As the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is a constitutional monarch who generally acts in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet, his going against the suggestion of the prime minister has put the latter in an awkward situation. Although politicians from various parties have said that they will heed the King’s admonition and not destabilise the government, this period of calm is likely to be short-lived. Sensing the vulnerability of the current prime minister, Malaysia’s politicians will surely be back to their usual tricks as soon as the pandemic situation improves. Unfortunately, political instability has become part of Malaysia’s new normal.
Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd and Capital Dynamics Asset Management Sdn Bhd, being capital market intermediaries licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia, are operating as usual in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures ("SOP") prescribed by the relevant authorities during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period. We will continue to take precautionary measures to protect our employees, clients and other stakeholders. Among others, all visitors must wear face masks, having their body temperature recorded, making health declaration and ensure social distancing when you visit any of our Kuala Lumpur offices. To better manage your visits and avoid inconveniences, you are advised to make an appointment with us before your visit. For our Kuala Lumpur office, you may reach us at +603-2070 2104 or 2105 or 2106 or email us at (investment advisory) or (asset management).
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