Singapore – Sep External Trade
16/10/2020 05:30 pm MYT
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Year-on-year, Singapore’s total trade in Sep declined by 1.9% (figure 1). Total exports and imports fell by 2.1% and 1.6% respectively. However, non-oil domestic exports (NODX) increased by 5.9%, rising for the fourth consecutive month, as both electronics and non-electronics products posted positive growth. The increase in electronic products segment (21.4%) was mainly driven by the exports of ICs.


Singapore’s NODX to her top 10 markets increased as a whole with EU 27 (60.5%), Malaysia (28.8%) and the US (3.7%) as the largest contributors. On the other hand, NODX to South Korea (-5.0%), Thailand (-15.7%), Indonesia (-16.0%) and Hong Kong (-26.7%) fell.


With Singapore opening up to international travel as the Covid-19 situation remains under control, external trade should improve in the near term.

Note from Publisher
Although the novel coronavirus wrought havoc upon the Malaysian economy and greatly disrupted the day to day lives of ordinary Malaysians, its destruction is by all accounts mild when compared with the man-made disasters Malaysians have had to endure. For example, the Covid-19 case resurgence and the ensuing CMCO were totally avoidable. So were the frequent water cuts in the Klang Valley. These incidents epitomise the real problems facing Malaysia, whereby a gross lack of accountability culture has led to the flagrant mismanagement of the country’s precious resources, with such misconduct simply left to continue. Well, it is not as though Malaysia’s senior leaders have faced accountability for their own missteps, so why would the rest of the country ?

Even the Palace has had to issue a statement advising politicians to put the interests of the people and the country first when His Majesty sees that politicians are more interested in petty power struggles than the things they are supposed to do. The country’s future is doomed for as long as such culture of unaccountability stays and multiplies.
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